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Kawai Pearl River Yamaha Pre Owned

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Upright Pianos

Upright or Vertical pianos come in the widest variety of styles, finishes, and sizes.  You will often find these models on our floor, both new and used.

Professional Uprights
Spinets (occasionally)

If we do not currently have a model you like from Kawai or Pearl River, just say the word, and we are glad to place a special order with special pricing to suit your preferences!

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We have been proud dealers of Kawai Pianos for nearly 30 years.  These pianos are teacher-recommended, technician-preferred, and musician-enjoyed! No matter your favorite genre to play, Kawai pianos are the world's best built piano! ASK US to see the inside when you visit the store! It's amazing the technology you'll see, feel, and hear in these superb pianos! Ask GinaMarie about visiting the renowned factory in Hamamatsu, Japan!
KAWAI is what you are looking for!
Description Price Images
KAWAI K-200 - Brand New Model & New Innovative Features.
Height: 45"
Finish: Ebony Polish
height gives you a pristine tone quality and designer cabinetry without the higher prices of taller uprights. Satin finish makes it classy and chic. New longer keys, mahogany hammers, and steel-reinforced frame have brought a new level of quality to already well-respected Kawai name. 
Our #1 Recommended Professional Upright Piano (behind the K-300!)
Ask about available Rebates and floor model discounts!!
See us for special order pricing Kawai K-200 Gallery
Kawai K-15
Ebony Polish

Designed in the "continental " style — without legs or toe block — the K-15 offers all the essential elements of Kawai quality to provide simple elegance and sturdy performance.

Visit us
for special
Kawai K-15 Gallery

Pearl River is the home of the world's largest piano factory.  It is on the Pearl River in China.  Notable associations include Yamaha making several models in their factory before Yamaha was approved to build their own factory in China, and Pearl River was chosen by Steinway & Sons more than a decade ago to manufacture their Essex line of pianos, specifically designed by Steinway & Sons technicians.

Jim's Pianos has been selling Pearl River pianos for nearly 15 years and our customers know them to be a good value and for holding their tune well until each annual tuning.
Description Price Images
New! Pearl River Professional Studio Upright
Ebony Polish, Height: 48"
From the world's largest factory, we bring you a fine upright piano which plays with great ease and power.  

Pearl River Professional Studio Upright Gallery

With the popularity of Yamaha pianos, Jim's Pianos is glad to bring you fine, refurbished U1 upright pianos from a family-owned team of technicians in Japan.  These pianos are lightly used.  The hammers and action have been refined and regulated to ensure many, many more years of enjoyment.  The cases are buffed out to blemish-free and we will include an adjustable-height artist bench with storage.  We almost always have 1-2 in stock.  If sold out, the next are always on the way within days. Come in and play today! Great comparison to new pianos!

Description Price Images
Coming Soon  

Pre-Owned Uprights
Description Price Images
Baldwin Acrosonic 
This is a classic 1963 musically correct piano, with a warm walnut finish and matching bench. It would be a great piano for any musician, especially one who is just starting off. And the best part is it's unbelievable price. 

Baldwin Acrosonic Gallery
Kohler and Campbell
A brown cherry satin console with matching bench, this piano was well maintained and ready for a good home.
$1,895 Kohler and Campbell Gallery
Baldwin Oak Console
Classic style well maintained one owner. Great action and tone. First time piano or an upgrade for your home.
Baldwin Oak Console
Conn Console
This great sounding, light oak satin finish piano was pre-loved and it would make a nice instrument for your home. Price Includes Matching Bench.
Conn Console Gallery
Clark French Cherry
This piano is like new inside and out. Perfect to compliment your home or music room.
Super Price
Story & Clark French

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