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Pre Owned Pianos
Restored or fully inspected before being made available for sale!

Pre-owned Pianos are quality instruments being sold either on consignment or received as trade-ins. In keeping with our priority of superior customer service and offering this region the most excellent instruments available, you can know that every piano is fully inspected by our expert RPT, Jim Sims. Any significant issues are attended to before the instrument is available for sale.

Every acoustic piano purchase includes two tunings, one before and one after delivery, within 30-60 days

For MORE INFORMATION on any of these pianos, CALL (850) 205-5467 or
E-MAIL our Piano Consultants:

Looking for a piano, but hoping for a low price? Don't miss out on our certified used pianos!! FREE Tuning before and after delivery.

High Quality Refurbished Uprights
Includes 1 Year Factory Warranty & 10 Year Repair Service Warranty
Description Price Images
Like New - Yamaha U1
Height: 48"
Ebony Polish
Yamaha is well-known for this durable and reliable instrument. It will accommodate the advanced student as well as being ideal for those who want to begin by learning on a fine instrument.  It is everything you like from Yamaha, but for half the price. Our refurbished uprights come with a one year factory warranty as well as our excellent local service and our 5-year service warranty--what a deal! Compared to current list price over $10,000. You would not know it isn't brand new!
Yamaha U1 Professional Upright Gallery
Certified PreLoved Uprights
With 1 year warranty!
Description Price Images
Baldwin Acrosonic 
This is a classic 1963 musically correct piano, with a warm walnut finish and matching bench. It would be a great piano for any musician, especially one who is just starting off. And the best part is it's unbelievable price. 
See Us for Special Pricing Baldwin Acrosonic Gallery
This used medium oak spinet is a special piano manufactured by the Kimball Piano Company. It was a starter piano that was a trade in for a new piano. It will continue to be a great starter piano and it comes with a matching bench.
SOLD Whittaker Gallery
Kohler and Campbell
A brown cherry satin console with matching bench, this piano was well maintained and ready for a good home.
$1,895 Kohler and Campbell Gallery
Wurlitzer Spinet
For a Beginner it's a great first time piano, musically correct this blonde oak finish with matching bench is great on the pocket book. 
SOLD Wurlitzer Spinet 2 Gallery
45" Baldwin Hamilton Studio
With a warm walnut finish this piano would be excellent for your home, church, school or studio. Price includes matching bench.
SOLD Baldwin Hamilton Studio 2 Gallery
Conn Console
This great sounding, light oak satin finish piano was pre-loved and it would make a nice instrument for your home. Price Includes Matching Bench.
$1,996 Conn Console Gallery
Kimball Artist Console
Italian Style Walnut Satin 
Yet another familiar American name in the piano industry.  Kimball pianos were made and played with great pride and still sound excellent today.  This console has a strikingly unique grain and stands tall enough to give your music the support it needs to shine as well as look beautiful in the setting of your home or small gathering.  It includes a deluxe duet bench and many more years of merriment!
SOLD Kimball Artist Console Gallery
Hallet, Davis & Co.
Barely Used (Almost New) Oak Console
Height: 44"
Oak Satin
Hallet & Davis began in  Boston before the start of Steinway and sold very popularly along the east coast for the next one hundred years.  The Piano Book by Larry Fine indicates that Hallet grands and baby grands are the best in their class, making the decision to choose a Hallet an easy one.  
This piano is so gently used and was well-tuned.  You'll enjoy this beautiful piano at a very good price for such a nice instrument.
SOLD Hallet Davis Co Gallery
Conover Made in 2000

is the piano which fits in the smallest of spaces and fits your budget for a range of pianists. The continental slender silhouette has no front legs, but it will resound better than any spinet model.  Quite nice for children and hobbyist adult learners. Come and play today!
Finish: Ebony Polish
SOLD Conover Cable Gallery

Used Baby Grands ~ Satisfaction Guaranteed
Includes 1 Year Service Warranty
Description Price Images
Pearl River Grand

This is a lovely ebony polished baby grand, gently used and well cared for. The market value is $8,995, it would be a beautiful piano for your home and it comes with a matching artist bench. 
SOLD Pearl River Grand Gallery
Baldwin Grand Model M
This is a satin ebony polish grand that has been refinished and restrung, recently tuned, regulated and voiced. It would look beautiful in any home and it comes with a matching bench.  
Baldwin Grand Model M Gallery
Beal Baldwin M Grand 

This beautiful blue grand piano and matching bench would be a nice addition to your home. Not only because of it's unique color but also the QRS pianomation player system that it has. Giving you a lovely piano to play or one that will play for you and your guests, the market value is $39,500.
Beal Baldwin M Grand Gallery
'1 Gabler Baby Grand
This is a previously loved brown mahogany piano. Has original Ivory Keys, New Strings, New Dampers and New Tuning pins. The Plate and Soundboard have been refinished, Action and Hammers have been Regulated and Voiced. The current market value  would be $5,000 - $6,000. This would be a great piano for your home with out breaking your wallet! 
$3,995 Gabler Baby Grand Gallery
Kranich & Bach
Totally Restored 1890 Victorian Grand piano.
Beautiful Vintage Victorian Grand from the 1890's, completely restored. Including a new action and hammers, new strings and dampers. Refinished in ebony satin with a birds eye maple, matchbook pattern key cover. Hand carved legs and pedal lyre make this a perfect heirloom investment for your family.
Kranich and Bach Gallery
Kranich & Bach
Partially restored Antique Grand with six legs and unique art case design.  The case and plate have been refinished by Jim's Pianos as well as restrung with new pins and damper felts.
Interior work to the action is currently in progress.
Come see any time!
Kranich 6 Gallery
Pre-Owned - Refurbished
Yamaha C-3 Made in 1986

Refirbished Grand Piano
Ebony Polish.
Length: 6 feet 1 inch
Matching polished bench - new, artist adjustable with storage.
This grand sparkles like a brand new piano.  It was refurbished in Hamamatsu, Japan by a family-owned company and sent here for sale to give you a very good deal on the Yamaha piano for which you're searching.  With a blemish-free case, polished strings and well-voiced hammers, you'll find all the power of the 6'1" grand with less than half the price of a new grand.

Yamaha C3 Gallery

Used Digital Pianos
Description Price Images
KAWAI CP175 - Cherry Wood
Deluxe model digital piano with wooden key action, real wood cabinetry, color screen display, CD drive, 2 headphone jacks, and multiple MIDI and audio outputs.
KAWAI CP175 Gallery
KAWAI CP170 - Grand Case
Fantastic and versatile digital piano installed by Jim's Pianos into a beautiful grand piano case.  Best of both worlds with an elegant exterior paired with the advantages of technology at your fingertips.  Variety of sounds, headphone jacks, audio outputs, and large speakers built-in bringing you great fun for hours.
$2500 KAWAI CP170 Grand Case Gallery

These grands already have a player system installed.
Save Money by purchasing a used grand with the latest technology!
Description Price Images
Story & Clark Made in 1995
Petite QRS Player Grand 
Story & Clark is the fine company who has and continues to be inseparable from QRS player systems. This player was factory installed and now upgraded to the latest PNOII wireless system. The mahogany finish makes this petitie 4'7" grand the center of your home, music, and memories!  This piano came from a wonderful home and its owners desired it to now be enjoyed by a new family!  
Finish: Mahogany Polish
story and clark Gallery
KAWAI Made in 2001
RX-1 with Chili QRS Player System

Ask about Upgrading!
KAWAI's RX Grands won MMR's Grand Piano Series of the year 2003, 2004 & 2005. This piano had only one owner, who originally purchased it from Jim's Pianos.  As they are down-sizing, this beautiful, spotless piano can be in your home!  The current player system uses CDs and floppy disk AND is equipped to play extra MIDI sounds through the speaker as well as record what you play.  The upgrade to wireless is available through us upon request!
Finish: Ebony Polish
kawai rx grand Gallery

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