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Jim’s Pianos brings you the opportunity to start learning piano today with Piano Marvel.
These are not lessons on location at our store.  Rather, from the comfort of your home, and best used with a KAWAI Digital Piano or acoustic piano equipped with PNOScan, you can become addicted to piano!

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Learn to Play

From your home, your studio or at school Learn to play online
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Receive real time feedback
  • Track your progress
  • Access great repertoire
  • Improve technique
  • Enhance theory learning

Piano Marvel is the tool that will help you make the most of both your investment in a piano or keyboard as well as serving as a valuable way to learn on your own or supplemental exercise and enjoyment alongside your private lessons.

Whether you are learning on your own or you are taking lessons already, you can utilize this software to enhance your piano and musical skills.

We encourage you to, then, use lesson time with private instruction to bloom in artistry and musical expression.  Teachers will be excited to see how much Piano Marvel students engage in spending so much time enjoying their practice and their music.  Then lesson time is less centered around correcting missed notes and will be more focused on the coaching and craft of making music!

Take a Tour – How It Works

What You’ll Need…

  1. Digital piano with USB to Host or MIDI lines out OR Acoustic piano equipped with QRS PNOScan
  2. Computer (preferably 2G of RAM) and Internet Connection
  3. USB/MIDI cable (connecting computer to piano keyboard)
  4. Subscription to Piano Marvel

How to Get Started…

  1. Subscribe to Piano Marvel and download the software. You can get a 30-day trial with no obligation.  Also, get an ongoing discount ($12 instead of $15 monthly) by using our promotional code:      JIM
  2. Connect your computer to your keyboard/digital piano or acoustic piano equipped with PNOScan (easily installed by our technicians in your home).

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