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Kawai Yamaha Pearl River Pre Owned

Jims Pianos, Internet Sales

on all pianos pictures new and used

Grand Pianos

A GRAND piano is the instrument everyone desires.  Here, you'll find small to mid-sized 6 feet and longer pianos available.  Brand new and used grands are each priced affordably, and they are backed by our guarantee of your satisfaction.  Be sure you are getting a quality piano by shopping locally and working with our piano consultants & technicians.

We always include a thorough tuning and prep of each acoustic grand prior to delivery, and we return 30 days later for an in-home tuning to be sure the sound is best suited to your space and tonal preferences.

These pictures are but glimpses! Do call and make an appointment to compare each of them in person! We are glad to be of service and give you our undivided attention.

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Jim's Pianos has been a proud dealer of Kawai pianos for nearly 30 years.  As a result, today, Kawai is well-known in our region and around the world as the award-winning, teacher-recommended, technician-preferred, and musician-enjoyed choice of pianos. "The Kawai grand piano transforms craftsmanship into artistry.  Here you will find the most advanced pianos of the modern age--instruments that combine the latest technology with the time-tested principle of old-world craftsmanship to provide a sublime musical experience."

Description Price Images
The newest Model GL-20 KAWAI  5' 2" ebony polished classic baby grand. The latest technology in modern actions.  State of the art engineering by Kawai. Make an appointment to special order this piano and save hundreds of DOLLARS.
Visit us for special order pricing!
GL20 Gallery
New! RX-1 in Ebony Polish
Length: 5'5"
    Main Features
  • Advanced Scale Designs, created in the renowned Shigeru Kawai Research and Development Laboratory
  • The exclusive Millennium III Action featuring ABS-Carbon Technology
  • NEOTEX™ Synthetic Ivory and Ebony Key Surfaces
  • Precision-Tapered, Permanently Crowned Acoustic Resonant Solid Spruce Soundboard
  • "Full Spectrum" Copper Bass Strings
  • Dual-Duplex Scaling for added tonal richness
  • CORE System for greater power and sustain
  • "Multi-Grip" 11-Ply Laminated Pin Block
  • Solid Brass Agraffes for even string spacing and easier tuning
  • Individually-Notched Vertically Laminated Bridge with Solid Maple Cap
  • V-Pro Plate—Gray Iron with "Crossbone" Design and Solid Brass Finials
  • Steel-Reinforced, Multi-Laminated Keybed Steel-Reinforced Keyslip for strength and stability
  • Ultra-Slow "Soft-Fall" Fallboard
  • Hard Finish on Music Rack for lasting beauty
  • Adjustable Artist Bench (Polished Ebony finish only)
  • KAWAI Ten Year FULL Transferable
    Manufacturer's Warranty

Retail Price:


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RX-1 in Ebony Polish Gallery
New Arrival! GE-30 in Ebony Polish
Length: 5' 5"
  • Millennium III Action™ with Carbon Fiber
  • NEOTEX™ Key Surfaces
  • Brass Agraffes for optimum string spacing
  • Full Duplex Scale for rich tonal quality
  • Full Sostenuto Pedal
  • Underfelted Hammers
  • Ultra-Slow Fallboard Closing System
  • Adjustable, Sliding Music Rack
  • Made in Hamamatsu, Japan

Retail Price: $28,000.00

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GE-30 Gallery

Yamaha pianos have a great reputation amongst many musicians--especially in consideration of their performance-grade "Conservatory" series.  In our store, the C3 is the Yamaha favorite.  With brand new grands running upwards of $50K, you'll be glad to find our grands priced at less than half that cost and ready to played for decades more! 

Description Price Images
Coming Soon  

Many homes and houses of worship in our region have found just the right piano by purchasing brand new Pearl River Pianos for a very affordable price! Pearl River's factory is the largest piano manufacturer in the world and even makes the Essex piano for Steinway & Sons.  We find their quality to be superior over other brands of similar make and price point. Jim has sold Pearl River for nearly 15 years.  Come by today and make the comparison for yourself.

Description Price Images
Pearl River GP150
Sold Unit - Restocking Quickly
Ebony Polish
Length: 4'11"
The dramatic 5' Petite Concert Grand captures the finest in concert-hall fidelity on a home-friendly scale.  The rich, warm European tones and classic lines reflect a "Euro-method" tradition enhanced by the latest in piano design, construction, and detail. This heirloom quality instrument delivers professional quality on every level.

Price: $7500
Visit us for special order pricing! Pearl River GP150 Gallery
Pearl River GP170
Just Arrived and may go quickly!!
Ebony Polish
Length: 5' 7"
Pearl River has made many-a-happy customer from Jim's Pianos in the last 15 years.  Hundreds of piano and this model is a gem of the line:
GP170  is 5' 7" - which is a perfect size for your home or so many settings where you want the bigger sound beyond our petite grands but fits better where 6 feet is too long.  
Let your fingers do the talking as you fall in love with Pearl River Grands!  Visit us today on Mandy Lane in Tallahassee!
Pearl River GP170 Gallery

Pre-Owned Grands
Description Price Images
Used Kawai RX-2 ebony polished 5' 10" grand. This is the most requested grand because of its size, power, looks, and pricing.  a New model is over $40,000.00.. OUR VERY LOW PRICE IS ONLY $18,500.00.  See this piano in stock now!!! $18,500 RX2 Gallery
Pearl River Grand

This is a lovely ebony polished baby grand, gently used and well cared for. The market value is $8,995, it would be a beautiful piano for your home and it comes with a matching artist bench. 
Will Special Order Pearl River Grand Gallery
Beal Baldwin M Grand 

This beautiful blue grand piano and matching bench would be a nice addition to your home. Not only because of it's unique color but also the QRS pianomation player system that it has. Giving you a lovely piano to play or one that will play for you and your guests, the market value is $39,500.
Beal Baldwin M Grand Gallery
Baldwin Grand Model M
This is a satin ebony polish grand that has been refinished and restrung, recently tuned, regulated and voiced. It would look beautiful in any home and it comes with a matching bench.  
Baldwin Grand Model M Gallery
'1 Gabler Baby Grand
This is a previously loved brown mahogany piano. Has original Ivory Keys, New Strings, New Dampers and New Tuning pins. The Plate and Soundboard have been refinished, Action and Hammers have been Regulated and Voiced. The current market value  would be $5,000 - $6,000. This would be a great piano for your home with out breaking your wallet! 
$3,995 Gabler Baby Grand Gallery
Kranich & Bach
Totally Restored 1890 Victorian Grand piano.
Beautiful Vintage Victorian Grand from the 1890's, completely restored. Including a new action and hammers, new strings and dampers. Refinished in ebony satin with a birds eye maple, matchbook pattern key cover. Hand carved legs and pedal lyre make this a perfect heirloom investment for your family.
Kranich and Bach Gallery
Pre-Owned - Refurbished
Yamaha C-3 Made in 1986

Refirbished Grand Piano
Ebony Polish.
Length: 6 feet 1 inch
Matching polished bench - new, artist adjustable with storage.
This grand sparkles like a brand new piano.  It was refurbished in Hamamatsu, Japan by a family-owned company and sent here for sale to give you a very good deal on the Yamaha piano for which you're searching.  With a blemish-free case, polished strings and well-voiced hammers, you'll find all the power of the 6'1" grand with less than half the price of a new grand.

Yamaha C3 Gallery

These grands already have a player system installed.
Save Money by purchasing a used grand with the latest technology!
Description Price Images
KAWAI Made in 2001
RX-1 with Chili QRS Player System

Ask about Upgrading!
KAWAI's RX Grands won MMR's Grand Piano Series of the year 2003, 2004 & 2005. This piano had only one owner, who originally purchased it from Jim's Pianos.  As they are down-sizing, this beautiful, spotless piano can be in your home!  The current player system uses CDs and floppy disk AND is equipped to play extra MIDI sounds through the speaker as well as record what you play.  The upgrade to wireless is available through us upon request!
Finish: Ebony Polish
kawai rx grand Gallery

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